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International Conference on Architecture
International Conference on Architecture
International Conference on Architecture
International Conference on Architecture
International Conference on Architecture
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The First International Conference on Architecture, Advanced Technologies, and Construction Management (IAAC)

Published: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Khatam University is going to hold the "First International Conference on Architecture, New Technologies and Construction Management" in November of this year.


According to the website of Khatam University, Khatam University has planned to hold the first international conference of the Architecture Department with the title "Architecture, New Technologies and Construction Management" with the main focus of "Examining the role of new technologies in architecture and construction management in today's world" and with the perspective of "New approaches of architecture in Iran, a gift for the next generation" in November 2023 in order to improve the quality and solve the problems in the related fields.


This conference aims to bring together experts, academics, policymakers and managers, relevant and interested organizations, consulting engineers and specialists and those interested in this field, to explain the concepts and goals related to the conference's themes and to provide a suitable opportunity to exchange  and provide information and present new research findings in the mentioned fields. Considering this, the Secretariat of the "First International Conference on Architecture, New Technologies and Construction Management" proudly invites all specialists, experts, students, researchers and scientists of scientific, research and industrial centers to participate in the various programs of this conference by presenting their latest scientific achievements. 


Conference Themes:

  • Architecture, energy and environment crisis;
  • Housing architecture of cheap houses;
  • Construction management software and hardware technologies;
  • New manufacturing and exploitation technologies;
  • Landscape architecture and sustainable development;
  • Internal architecture and optimization of energy consumption;
  • The connection between architecture and other arts and sustainable development.


Objectives of holding the conference:

  • Explaining the role of effective architectural indicators in the future sustainable development of Iran;
  • Explaining the different standards of housing architecture and its easy provision;
  • Promoting the application of ZEB building design principles in Iran;
  • Using the historical experiences of Iranian architecture in the architecture of the 21st century;
  • Examining the challenges of the specialized fields of architecture, project and construction management, urban planning, environment and civil engineering;
  • Establishing consensus in the field of concepts, ideas and theories related to the conference's themes;
  • Creating the environment to encourage and persuade all active and effective organizations and people and the private sector to use new technologies;
  • Establishing more communication between scientific and executive institutions in order to realize the dimensions of the conference;
  • Investigating the issue of energy and water and providing appropriate solutions for urban development and architecture.


Important Dates

  • Last registration deadline for submitting articles: September 22, 2023
  • Last deadline for sending original articles: October 22, 2023
  • Announcement of the results of assessing articles: November 6, 2023
  • Conference held: November 15-16-17, 2023


Distinguished features of the conference:

  • Training of conducting research in the main fields of the conference;
  • Localization of the experiences of the world's leading countries in line with the main dimensions of the conference;
  • Specialized panels related to architecture, urban planning, interior architecture, landscape architecture, project management, and energy;
  • The participation of the activists of this department, including academics, experts, policymakers and managers, students, relevant and interested organizations, consulting engineers, contractors and specialists in this conference;
  • Holding a keynote speeches;
  • Free printing of all the selected articles of the Congress without the need for re-referencing in prestigious scientific, research, specialized, ISC and conference supporting journals and magazines;
  • Issuance of the conference certificate with security hologram and exclusive identification code that can be inquired and tracked at any time through the aforementioned code through the certificate authentication system on the conference website;
  • Awarding acertificate of appreciation to the best articles;
  • Continuous presence of representatives of industry and economy in the conference;
  • Holding a specialized workshop related to the themes of the conference.


Target groups and audience of the conference:

  • Professors, experts, thinkers, managers and students of all disciplines of architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, environment, planning and urban management;
  • Universities, study centers and all research and educational institutions;
  • All researchers and those interested in the topics of the mentioned fields;
  • Municipalities and subordinate organizations and Islamic councils of cities around the country;
  • All organizations, departments, institutions and policy-making bodies in the construction industry;
  • All institutions and policy-making bodies in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, environment and sustainable urban development;
  • Rroad and urban planning departments, housing foundation and building engineering system of the provinces;
  • Ministries, organizations, committees and headquarters active in this field;
  • Planning and strategic supervision deputies of governorates across the country;
  • Trade unions and non-governmental organizations in the field of architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, environment and sustainable urban development;
  • All consulting and implementation companies in civil and urban projects;
  • Ministry of Roads, Housing and Urban Development;
  • Technical and engineering companies and offices, contractors, mass builders and employers.


The exact location and date of the conference:

Khatam University Amphitheater Hall (Hall No. 1) and Imam Reza Conference Hall (Hall No. 2)

November 15-16-17, 2023


Those interested can click here for information about the conference.