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About the Center

Khatam Specialized Training & Skill Development Centre


With the fast pace of technological advancement and numerous changes in recent times, directors and employees of organizations, university graduates, job seekers and any other person having interest in business market unavoidably face new challenges. Such individuals cannot overcome these challenges unless they grow their knowledge and skills in different areas of industry. Accordingly, Khatam Specialized Training & Skill Development Center has been presenting practical courses required for the market since 2020 with the set goal of training professional experts and directors equipped with the essential updated knowledge and skills. The courses are divided into five categories:


  • MBA & DBA courses;


  • Organization courses;


  • Medium term courses;


  • Short term courses;


  • Knowledge development courses for faculty members.


Email: Training@khatam.ac.ir



Contact Number



Yas Pardis Building 



Assistant Professor of Management, Faculty of Finance & Management

Dr. Seyed Reza Jalal-Zadeh 

Yas Pardis Building 



Elnaz Shakibaei

Yas Pardis Building  021-89174923 Supervisor Mahsa Lotfian Moghaddam
Yas Pardis Building  021-89174922 Supervisor Mobina Azimbeik










  • Designing and implementing training programs for industries, organizations and the subsidiaries of Pasargad Financial Group together with conducting educational needs analysis for such institutions;


  • Holding medium-term training courses and advanced courses in MBA (Master of Business Administration) and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration);


  • Holding workshops to prepare university graduates and other applicants for the job market;


  • Applying new technologies in education to make a revolution in traditional education;


  • Planning events including conferences, seminars and webinars;


  • Holding knowledge development courses for faculty members;


  • Improving the educational capabilities of the university and utilizing the expertise of professors;


  • Training professional supervisors and directors armed with updated knowledge and managerial skills;


  • Concluding contracts, agreements and memorandums of cooperation with companies to hold specialized courses;


  • Holding classes in cooperation with other universities inside and outside Iran.