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Research is a platform for progress and innovation and acts as the lifeblood of universities worldwide. Universities are centers of intellectual exploration, whose core lies in research, and it is through research that the unknown realms of knowledge, new theories and methods are discovered. Research conducted in universities acts as a catalyst for innovation and progress. This leads to the development of new technologies, methods, and approaches that contribute to social challenges, improving the quality of life and economic growth. Academic research facilitates collaboration and participation across disciplines, institutions, and countries. This interconnectedness fosters the global exchange of ideas and encourages a diverse range of perspectives and approaches. These collaborations lead to a broader and more comprehensive approach to solving global challenges.


Considering the importance of the research topic and in line with the goals of the strategic document of the university and focusing on the strategic priorities of the field of higher education of the country, the goals of Khatam University in the field of research have been compiled as follows:


  • Improving the scientific authority of the university through the policy of procedures and research achievements in the way of acquiring and improving the position of the university in the prestigious national ranking systems including ISC and international including WEBOMETRIC, TIMES, Shanghai, and QS.


  • Strengthening and promoting a program-oriented perspective in the research of academic staff members through targeted research programs;


  • The promotion of academic productions of faculty members and students, including publishing articles in international and national journals and prestigious international conferences;


  • Supporting and facilitating the publication of reference books in reputable national and preferably international publications;


  • Activating and improving the performance of the University Publishing Center in publishing books compiled by academic faculty members of the country's universities;


  • Improving the credibility of the university's current publications and increasing the university's internally accredited publications and indexing them in Scopus international databases;


  • Grounding and improving the performance of research laboratories of university educational groups;


  • Establishing and improving the performance of the university in the field of communication with industry through increasing the number and value of contracts and memorandums of cooperation with industry and society;


  • Defining and hosting prestigious national and international conferences centered on Khatam University;


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Administration and supervision of the good implementation of all research affairs, publications, libraries, conferences and events, in accordance with the relevant approvals, regulations and by-laws;


  • Presenting the research performance report of the university professors and evaluating the research activities and evaluating the annual research performance of the university to be presented to the president of the university;


  • Creating communication and cooperation in providing research services, holding seminars and scientific conferences and implementing all matters of research and research contracts between the university and other institutions;


  • Cooperation in preparing and compiling the university's research regulations and determining the amount of bonuses for approval by the relevant competent authorities;


  • Planning, scheduling and regulating activities related to projects on industry and research projects;


  • Receiving all the regulations, by-laws and approvals related to the research notified by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Board of the University President to the related units and following up and monitoring its proper implementation;


  • Compilation of bylaws and guidelines and meeting agendas related to management duties to propose to competent authorities and councils for approval;


  • Planning, scheduling and monitoring the activities of the laboratories of the university's educational groups in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Ataf and the internal code of conduct of the university;


  •   Submitting research management performance reports to the university president regarding the relevant duties;


  • Recommending qualified people to assume various roles in the field of management to the research vice-chancellor of the university;


  •   Monitoring the performance of subordinate employees in order to ensure the optimal execution of tasks;


  •   Planning, scheduling and organizing related activities and events and proposing the required annual budget according to the university's priorities;


  •   Efforts to develop and improve the level of scientific and international cooperation of the university;


  •   Developing, strengthening and guiding the approved research projects with the priority of targeted applied research and encouraging the participation of researchers in the implementation of the existing projects in the research systems of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology;


  •   Controlling and supervising the implementation of the university's research processes based on the calendar determined in the university's research management;


  • Carrying out other tasks assigned by superiors.



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