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Graduation Protocols & Procedure
Forms & Regulations

Steps to graduation after defense session:


  1. Revisions


You are required to make all the revisions determined by the examination board in the defense session within 3 months from the date of defense. Then you must download Thesis Revisions Approval Form from the university website, complete and submit it to your supervisor to be approved and signed (the reviewers also need to sign the form if charged in the defense session with overseeing the revisions).

  • Note: English Language students are required to follow the thesis Template provided by Khatam English Language Department.


  1. Email Thesis Revisions Approval Form to Research Affairs Supervisor


Email your Thesis Revisions Approval Form to: p.khaleghi@khatam.ac.ir  (Please write on the subject line your full name along with this title: Thesis Revision Approval Form)


  1. Email the Final Copy of Your Thesis to Library Supervisor


Email the final copy of your thesis in PDF and WORD formats to: sh.akbari@khatam.ac.ir (Please write on the subject line your full name along with this title: Thesis Submission. After receiving confirmation email from the Library Supervisor, proceed to the next stage)


  1. Register Your Thesis on IranDoc


Register the final copy of your thesis on IranDoc (Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and technology) website. When registered, you receive a seven-digit tracking code, the first digit of which (on the left) is 2. Upon the confirmation of IranDoc and the university, you shall receive a confirmation email from IranDoc.

As the next step you must first sign into your Dashboard on IUMS, then click on the item “Register and Edit Electronic Thesis Documents” and upload the final copy of the thesis.

Students whose defense session has been prior to 22 May 2019 must first download and complete Thesis Submission Form along with Graduate Settlement Form from the university website and then submit the forms to Khatam Graduation Office.



Word File

PDF File

Revisions Acceptance Form

Thesis Submission Form

Financial Settlement Form