Wednesday 29 May 2024 - 22:23
Registration of Accepted PhD Candidates at Khatam University
Registration of Accepted PhD Candidates at Khatam University
Registration of Accepted PhD Candidates at Khatam University
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The Registration of Accepted PhD Candidates at Khatam University (Notice No. 1)

Published: Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Notice No. 1

The registration of accepted PhD candidates

In the academic years 2023-2024, Khatam University


The registration procedure at Khatam University includes two steps:


First step

Online registration: Those who have been admitted to all doctoral programs should note that in order to complete each of the steps of registration, enter information, upload documents, choose courses and pay tuition fees, you must definitely refer to the comprehensive educational system of IUMS.


The possibility of entering the educational system for new students, choosing a course and paying tuition fees will be activated on September 9th, 2023. It should be noted that the guiding video about using the system is available for you on the first login page.


The mentioned link is also accessible in the systems tab, beside the menu tab of Khatam University's website.

The date of online registration will begin on Saturday September 9th, 2023 and continue for 72 hours.

The guiding video for entering the system and recovering the password is also available.

If the password is not sent to your mobile phone by September 9th, you can enter with the following information:

Username: national code

You can get and use a password through "Password Recovery" button.


The operation of choosing a course and paying the tuition will be placed in your folder since the morning of Saturday, September 9th, 2023. (Click here to view the video of the registration and course selection process). After completing the registration process  and paying the tuition fee, you will be able to print the course selection sheet. Please print it and keep it with yourself.


Please keep this in your mind that the accepted students, who have successfully passed the first stage and have the printed course selection sheet in hand, will have the opportunity to visit the university in person (September 10th, 2023) and file a case.


Second step

Visiting in person and filing a case: Sunday, September 10th, 2023

Names of PhD candidates in the three fields of Philosophy, Architecture and Accounting at Khatam University


RowFirst nameSurnameMajor
2Sara SadatAhanchiPhilosophy
3Ehsan RahimiPhilosophy
11Seyyed MohsenMaddahianArchitecture
12NegarMaleki SadeghiArchitecture


Accepted candidates, only with the printed course selection sheet in hand and the documents required for in-person registration (Sunday, September 10th, 2023 from 08:30 to 12:30) should go to Khatam Unversity and visit Ms. Ebrahimi in order to finalize their course selection.


The location of Khatam University

The second floor, Building No. 1 of Khatam University, Hakim Azam St., North Shirazi St., Molla Sadra Ave., Tehran, Iran

Note: In order to upload the documents, the scanned file format of the documents must be Jpg and the size of each file can be a maximum of 200 KB. You should also bring the soft copy of these documents when you visit the university in person.


The scanned documents required for the e-registration as well as in-person visit are as follows:

  • A recently taken 3*4 photo;
  • All birth certificate pages;
  • National ID card;
  • Bachelor's and Master's transcripts;
  • Master's degree (the forms included in Sanjesh booklet, verified by one's Master's University);
  • End-of-service card for accepted men if they have completed the military service or obtained an exemption;
  • Eligible students must refer to Sakha system and after registering the exemption request, refer to student affairs to approve the request.


It is mandatory to submit all the following documents in order to file a newcoming student case.


RowRequired Documents
16 pieces of 3 x 4 colorful photos taken this year and filled wth complete info on the back
2Completed form number 1 and form number 2
3The original and 2 sets of copies of the birth certificate (all pages)
4The original and 2 sets of copies of national ID cards
5The original and copy of the military service documents according to the clause of the military service regulations listed on page 3 of the doctoral exam manual

The original and copy of the bachelor's degree and Master's degree

If you are not able to present a degree for some reason, provide the original certificate approved by the university where the degree was obtained

7Completed forms on the pages of the national entrance exam booklet (included in the Sanjesh booklet)

Course selection printed sheet


In case of any problem, contact @ITkhatam on Telegram or the following numbers:

021-8917-4071    Mr. Ahmadi 

021-8917-4400    Ms. Ebrahimi


PhD programs tuition fee for newcoming students
Fixed tuition feeVariable tuition fee per unitDissertation tuition fee per unit
Overall tuition fee1,244,386,025



Note: Those admitted to the doctoral program must attend the meeting that will be held on September 4th, 2023 at 9:00 AM at Khatam University's Building No. 2, located on the 6th floor, No. 17, East Daneshvar St., North Shiraz Ave., Tehran, Iran.


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