Friday 8 December 2023 - 19:44
Goals and Missions

Khatam Blockchain Laboratory, equipped with computing servers required to achieve its mission, began activities around 2018 with the set goal of doing research in Blockchain technology, in addition to developing, localizing, and promoting this technology. Furthermore, the laboratory tries to commercialize its products.

Khatam University’s Blockchain Laboratory strives to:


  • Do research and promote entrepreneurship in Blockchain technology by employing all the available capacities;


  • Encourage researchers and students alike to do research and thesis projects on Blockchain technology by holding symposiums for both directors and researchers;


  • Improve students' capabilities by holding knowledge development classes and workshops.



Khatam Blockchain Lab strives to train qualified Blockchain experts and has held the following Workshops, Seminars, and Summer Schools so far: 


The First Blockchain Summer School:

Innovation and Prosperity Fund (from 5 to 11 September 2018); 


Blockchain, Stellar Workshop, and Atrium Specialized Course:

ABC Accelerator (18 and 9 October 2018); 


An Introduction to Blockchain Infrastructure:

Khatam University (25 October 2018); 


Introduction to Stellar Distributed Ledger:

Khatam University (22 November 2018);


Blockchain Technology in Capital Market:

The Fifth Conference on Actuarial Science and Financial Engineering - Khatam University (22 December 2018) 


Banking of Things (New Applications of IoT Technology in Banking):

Khatam University (3 January 2019).




Khatam University’s Blockchain laboratory has made the following achievements:


  • More than 10 research projects on Blockchain technology have been carried out;


  • Two Blockchain Startups have been established;


  • More than 20 laboratory staff members have been recruited in the industry sector;


  • Some new members have been recruited to the lab;


  • Five innovative ideas have been presented to the industry sector;


  • More than 200 hours of training have been programed.