Friday 8 December 2023 - 19:37
Goals and Missions

One of the major goals of the Electrical Engineering Department of Khatam University is to train well-educated graduates equipped with necessary skills to enter competitive job markets. This important mission cannot be fulfilled unless the proper context is set for conducting applied research. With this purpose, the Center for Applied Research in Electrical Engineering (CAREE) was designed to teach practical skills and conduct hands-on projects in the field of Electrical Engineering. In this center, efforts are made to accommodate all necessities for a variety of projects involving technical knowledge directly related to the job market. 


Accordingly, CAREE was launched in 2015 with the support of Pasargad Bank in order to address this need. The center currently holds 10 inclusive work stations, featuring oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators, and computers. All required apparatuses in a practice-oriented laboratory in the field of Electrical Engineering are now fully available in CAREE. This includes various components and parts related to electronics, microprocessors, and assembly of telecommunication and electronic circuits, which is hoped to offer a rich laboratory environment to interested students.

In general, CAREE currently offers the following services to students of all subfields of  Electrical Engineering and other interested parties:


  • Carrying out development projects for Master's students;


  • Carrying out product-oriented industrial/applied projects at the university;


  • Supplementary training based on practical skills needed by graduates;


  • Assembly and repairs of electrical and electronic boards and equipment;


  • Research related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT);


  • Designing all embedded hardware and software systems.

Academic Activities


The Center for Applied Research in Electrical Engineering has so far hosted a number of practical training events in the field of Internet of Things in collaboration with Fanap Holding. In addition, in several occasions, extra-curricular trainings related to electronic and microprocessor designing software applications have been delivered in CAREE. The center also has the potential to serve as a platform for Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering undergraduate laboratories.


The following laboratories are planned for undergraduate students of Computer Engineering:


  • Laboratory of Physics II course;


  • Logical circuits laboratory;


  • Digital systems design laboratory;


  • Computer architecture laboratory;


  • Microprocessor laboratory.


Research Activities and University-Industry Relations


The focus of CAREE is on applied research, particularly, development projects in Electrical Engineering and related interdisciplinary fields and numerous projects have been conducted at the center so far. One major outcome of previous projects at this center is the first patent by Khatam University. This project was initially launched as a Master's project in the Electrical Engineering Department, and after developing the device and pilot-testing it under a variety of conditions, given the innovative nature of the product, the patent process began. The invention was successfully registered under the title “The Production Line Automation Device for Checking Automobile ECU Software Based on Machine Vision” with the Patent Office of the Intellectual Property Center of the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties under patent number 102740 dated 01 November 2020.