Friday 8 December 2023 - 19:28
Goals and Missions

Robotics as a leading technology has been widely welcomed by different industries, organizations, universities, and other similar institutions around the world and is predicted to grow significantly over the coming years. There are many centers and institutions across the globe dealing particularly with the various aspects of this new branch of science. Khatam University, whose mission is to contribute to the society through the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge at the highest level of excellence, is also among such institutions. Khatam Center for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence was established in 2010 to provide a research center for students interested in this field.

The center for Robotics and Artificial intelligence at Khatam University strives to:


  • Innovate, develop, and apply advanced robotics technologies to industry automation and our everyday lives;


  • Educate students with the latest technologies for the future.
  • Presenting training programs on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence;


  • Helping students develop and implement research projects;


  • Cooperating with the industry and similar sectors in Iran for research & industrial projects;


  • Publishing more than 30 national/international papers in high-impact journals.




  • The Humanoid Robot (Pepper).




In RoboCup Worldwide 2021, RoboCup Standard Platform League, Khatam robotics team (KU Robotics) finished first.