Friday 8 December 2023 - 18:44
Goals and Missions

Khatam University's Risk Lab was established with the set goal of investigating the application of numerical methods and computer simulation in computational finance. To achieve this goal, this center is equipped with powerful computers used for complex computations and simulations.

Khatam University's Risk Lab strives:


  • To earn money for increasing the laboratory's economic self-sufficiency;


  • To help students develop knowledge so as to keep in line with the mission and values of the university;


  • To publish international papers in high-impact journals;


  • To conclude contracts for collaborations with the industry sector to contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of the lab and to strengthen the ties between the university and industry. 

AnnualWorkshops on Actuarial Science and Financial Engineering


  • Deep Learning in Financial Sciences;


  • Advanced Methods in Option Pricing;


  • Behavioral Finance;


  • Machine Learning in Finance and Insurance;


  • Credit Risk Quantification with Deep and Machine Learning in R;


  • Financial Mathematics' Interactions with the energy sector;


  • FinTech and the Future of Financial Services;


  • QuantiRtyhm Algorithmic Trading System.


Long-Term Courses


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA);


  • Machine Learning in Python;


  • Econometrics and the application of Eviews in Financial and Economic sciences;


  • The Application of Fixed Income Securities in Iran’s Capital Market.


Collaborations with the Industry


Cooperating with Iran’s industry sector in research and industrial projects.


Research Achievements


Khatam Risk laboratory enjoys a rich record of research projects (either done or in progress) on a wide variety of topics including option pricing, operational risk, capital portfolio optimization and credit risk quantification.