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Department of Converging Technologies



The Department of Converging Technologies at Khatam University was established in 2016 to promote knowledge-based technology and industry in the country.




The department strives to:


  • Train a new generation of high-tech industries researchers, technology developers and innovators;


  • Promote knowledge-based industry in Iran;


  • Promote new technologies in the country;


  • Expand interdisciplinary courses dealing with technology.


Our Master’s programs


  • Quantum Materials, Energies & Technologies (QMET);


  • Nanomaterials.


Admission Requirements


Quantum Materials, Energies & Technologies (QMET)


General conditions:


  • Having a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields of study: Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics or Chemistry;


  • The candidates should achieve the national examination and a scientific interview arranged by the scientific committee of the department.




The admission procedure is performed through national entrance examination.