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Department of Computer Engineering

Computer science and technology are concerned with a comprehensive analysis and assessment of procedures and systems used for receiving, maintaining, processing, and extracting information. It also focuses on designing effective systems for achieving these goals. The software area in this field deals with designing and creating software tools, as well as designing, analyzing, and implementing algorithms and software systems.


The Major Goals of the Department


 A remarkable portion of computation and processing can be conducted automatically in operational environments, which leads to improvements in speed, accuracy, and replicability. The advancements and the growth of science and technology in designing hardware have enabled us to design computer architectures and systems that would meet the demands of different industries. In several cases, this has even led to the development of new science and technology.


Scope of Activity


Department of Computer Engineering at Khatam University has been admitting graduate students in 4 master's degree programs in Software Engineering, Computer Systems Architecture, Information Management Systems, and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics since 2014. In 2020 master's degree in Data Science was added to graduate programs and new students were admitted. In 2022 first-time students were also admitted to the master's degree of Secure Computation as well as the undergraduate degree of Computer Engineering. Students in this department, who are admitted through the National University Entrance Exam at the B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels, have the opportunity to study and research in various subject areas including software, hardware, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, secure communication networks, and IT management.