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Department of Architecture

Khatam University has been admitting students at the Master’s level in the field of Architecture in four subfields and Art Research through the Master's Entrance Exam since September 2016 and holding the above courses by inviting the most prominent professors in the country in the above fields such as Dr. Amir Faraji, Dr. Simon Ayvazian (as the first director of the Department of Architecture), Dr. Darab Diba, Dr. Mohammad Javad Saghafi and Dr. Asghar Saedsamiei.


It should be noted that the above-mentioned people were prominent and experienced professors in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran, which is the scientific hub in the field of Architecture in Iran. The admission capacity of students in the field of Architecture in each of the four subfields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Project and Construction Management is 20 people per academic year, and the top ranks in the national university entrance exam will enjoy special tuition offers. Additionally, since 2019 and to create sabbaticals in the field of architecture and construction at higher levels, a doctorate program was established in the Architecture field in the Department of Arts and Architecture with a capacity of accepting a maximum of 7 students. The recruitment of architectural engineering students has started in this group since 1401 at the undergraduate level, and it is hoped that a positive step will be taken towards enhancing the architecture of Iran, which has a brilliant background in this field, by educating students of this field in a principled manner.


Educational Objective of Faculty of Art and Architecture

  • Improving education quality by using applied teaching methods and emphasizing practical and workshop training;
  • Using applied course titles;
  • Improving teaching quality and education by the participation of teachers in workshops;
  • Making efforts to make optimal use of the university's educational facilities;
  • Improving the quality of the atelier, workshops, IT departments, and laboratories.


Research Objectives of the Faculty of Art and Architecture

  • Carrying out basic and applied research projects by the research priorities of the university;
  • Translating and Compiling required educational resources;
  • Making efforts to develop one or more required technologies in the architecture field and its various subjects and educational technology;
  • Conducting research and implementation of research knowledge projects to improve and update teaching methods.


The mission of the Faculty of Art and Architecture

  • Improving the quality of education to increase scientific and research productions by utilizing educational skills and professional and ethical principles in education and by applying applied research in educational fields.


The vision of the Faculty of Art and Architecture

  • Reference, leader, and innovator in education and research fields;
  • Responsible and accountable in educational and research fields;
  • Successful in providing educational services and satisfying students;
  • Knowing Iranian architecture in different historical periods and recognizing the specifications of each and using them in modern Iranian architecture;
  • Using traditional Iranian architecture and Islamic architecture in modern Iranian architecture;
  • Presenting models based on new construction methods in individual and urban constructions (Utilization of new technologies);
  • Presenting models based on principles of renewable energy and sustainable architecture for construction;
  • Regular urban design according to the rules and standards and based on new principles of urban planning;
  • Knowing related software and using the latest computer technologies in issues related to architecture;
  • Knowing climate design and aligning modern designs with the principles of climate design to localize architectural design and urban design.


Values of Art and Architecture Faculty

  • High and spiritual values and maintaining and promoting the level of education and ethics in students;
  • Observance of the principles and values of professional ethics in educational and research activities;
  • Respect for human dignity;
  • Core participation in education;
  • Core knowledge;
  • Core justice;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality and quantity of educational and research activities.


Activity’s scope of Faculty of Art and Architecture

  • Master's studies in the field of architecture in four subfields (architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, project management, and construction) through the master's exam;
  • Master's studies in the field of art research;
  • Ph.D. studies in the field of architecture with the capacity to accept a maximum of 7 students in the Department of Art and Architecture;
  • Bachelor's degree in architectural engineering.