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Introduction to finance field


Finance, while being developed within the field of management for many years, is a relatively new discipline in our context. Due to the significance of financial tools in investments, risk management and banking, finance has gained its independence as a separate discipline in recent years. A Finance degree from Khatam University will prepare you to work in a variety of fields including corporate financial management, banking, investment management and risk management.


Department of Finance and Risk Management at Khatam University was established in 2013, offering two graduate degree programs, M.Sc. in Financial Engineering and Risk Management and M.Sc. in Banking. Since 2021, our department, in collaboration with TEIAS (Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies), admits outstanding students and offers the tools needed to become successful in the diverse world of finance.




Our mission is to offer well-established graduate programs, develop leaders who can create value in their communities, and provide excellence in teaching in a variety of fields in finance such as asset pricing, corporate finance, risk management and market microstructure.  We conduct academic research in finance and actively promote high quality interdisciplinary research, especially in collaboration with Economics and Accounting Departments. We are aimed at inviting globally renowned professors to hold occasional seminars for our students.


Our graduates may continue their academic journey by attending Ph.D. programs in Finance or can join corporations and financial institutions in diverse fields such as insurance, asset management and banking.  Khatam University’s finance program is closely tied to professional practice and the graduates have a great opportunity to be recruited at Pasargad Financial Group, one of the biggest financial holdings in Iran.