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The Department of Psychology & Educational Sciences at Khatam University began its career in 2002 with one MA program, counseling & guidance (which was later changed to counselling & family in 2014). Ever since two other MA programs, General Psychology and (from 2019) Clinical Psychology, have been added to the programs.


Explore Our Master’s Programs


Family Counselling


Family counseling is a type of psychological counselling that can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts; family members will work with a counselor to develop and maintain healthy relationship.


General Psychology


Students who earn a master's degree in general psychology learn basic scientific theories, concepts and research. The programs enable students to explore social and emotional behavior along with cognitive and developmental psychology. Coursework includes topics that encompass the entire field of psychology. Other courses may assist in research, diagnosis and data collection. Along with cognition, organizational behavior, and psychological statistics, potential course topics include:


Methods of Research, Psychological trauma, Development of Lifespan, Personality theories and Physiological Psychology.


Clinical Psychology


With the goal of promoting well-being and personal development, clinical psychology is a branch of psychology with numerous career paths and real-world applications.


While programs vary in nature and scope, most clinical psychology master’s programs place a heavy focus on research, theory, and practice. Topics covered may include developmental psychology, evidence-based treatments, and community psychology among others.


An important difference between master’s degrees in clinical psychology and other psychology degrees is the emphasis on practice-based work in a clinical setting instead of a larger focus on conducting research. Students learn to diagnose and treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other mental health issues in hands-on, real-world settings.




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Why should I study Psychology at Khatam University?


Because it:


  • is a leading and modern university;


  • provides specific financial aids & facilities;


  • encourages students to do research projects with a practical relevance for the society;


  • is equipped with a counseling & psychotherapy clinic;


  • works and cooperates with psychiatric centers in Tehran;


  • financially supports students with papers published in ISI/Scopus-indexed journals;


  • provides a well-furnished library with a range of great books on psychology & counselling, equipped with digital library software;


  • offers students a relaxed environment for studying.




  • Enrollment: 183 (Master’s degree program)


  • Graduates: 62


You will find our graduates go into different sectors and jobs in our country including counseling & psychotherapy clinics, educational institutions and some other institutions like the judiciary and the police forces.