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Department of Philosophy



The department of philosophy at Khatam university was established in 2016 under the faculty of humanities with only one PhD program in one major, Pure Philosophy, which was later changed to “Contemporary Philosophy” in 2019.


Following the macro-policy of the university and through the employment of eminent professors, the department strives to provide the highest level of education; in line with the same objective, Latin, Greek or German languages are taught in certain cases if students might want to read philosophical texts in such languages for writing their dissertations.


Goals & Objectives


The basic goals of the department are:


  • To provide the essential grounds for the improvement of philosophy in Iran;


  • To strive to deal with certain philosophical problems encountered in the society;


  • To provide students with interdisciplinary programs in philosophy including philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, philosophy of culture/ intercultural philosophy, philosophy of ethics, philosophy of law and philosophy of literature.




  • Enrollment: 9 (PhD);


  • Graduates: 2 persons.