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Introductionto Khatam University Department of Economics


1. Introduction to Economics


Studying various opportunities for information acquisition and decision-making evaluations are among the tools for growth and increasing individual and social well-being. Meanwhile, the field of economics, as an optimization science, has provided a detailed and analytical study of economic relations for students at the university. The main basis of science is two theories of microeconomics and macroeconomics, and mathematics and statistics are also important as tools for economic analysis in this field. The main focus of microeconomics is the analysis of the basic factors of the economy, including individual agents (for example, households, firms) and markets. The subject of macroeconomics also includes the general analysis of the whole economy, including the topics of production, consumption, consumption and investment, economic growth, and policies.


Occupationally, students who are used to appropriate and intentional studies during their studies can take advantage of a variety of job opportunities at the end of their studies. Among the job opportunities for economic graduates are the following:


  • Banking;


  • Financial consulting companies;


  • Business consulting companies;


  • Public sector as an economic expert;


  • Financial markets analyst (stock exchange, currency, etc.).


 2. About Us 


The Department of Economic Sciences in 2014, accepted students in the major of theoretical economics and added to the development of economics and planning, energy economics, economic systems planning and e-commerce economics. Currently, the three majors of theoretical economics, energy economics, and development economics and planning are completed by the Tehran Institute for Advanced Research and two sets of economic systems planning and e-commerce economics in the economics department of Khatam University.


Courses related to each major are taught by faculty members based at Khatam University and Adjunct professors from the top universities based on the latest curricula. In addition to the course, the economics department, by setting up various workshops of widely used software in the field of economics, tries to prepare students in this field to pass the thesis in the best way and also familiarize students with the required software.


3. Familiarity with MasterPrograms


In the economics group, there are two majors in e-commerce economics and economic systems planning, each of which will be introduced.


3.1 E-Commerce Economics


E-commerce is one of the important sections of information and communication that is important in today's technology. This field is related to the provision of communication technologies to carry out the activities of a business in various fields, such as marketing, product sales and service delivery.


The Master of Science (MSc) in E-Commerce Economics course will help for there to be a gain in skills in developing the application of information technology in business, developing economic and business systems, and becoming familiar with optimizing the processes involved in doing business. Alumni of this major can work in government organizations and private institutions in various fields of e-commerce, including the development of economic systems and e-commerce.


3.2Planning of EconomicSystems


The purpose of this major is providing a scientific environment for education and research on the theory, modeling and application of various methods of economic planning that can be used in the economy of a country, a region or an economic enterprise. Alumni in this major can work as planning experts in various economic organizations, industries, state-owned companies, banks and commercial and financial institutions.