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Welcome to Khatam University’s Alumni webpage. The Alumni Office was established in January 2022 under the management of Dr. Fatemeh Karimi Jafari to reinforce effective and sustainable mutual communication between the university and its alumni. The mission of this office is to foster awareness, interest, and engagement in our graduates all over the world in the direction of mutual interactions.


Khatam University’s Alumni Office aims at collecting, archiving, and updating the information of all our alumni; maintaining communication between graduates and the university; sustaining graduates’ scientific and professional development; and hence, facilitating their employment, directing the spiritual and financial support from our alumni, and promoting international relations through communication with our graduates worldwide. 


To achieve these goals, the following tasks have been set for this office: 


  • Keeping in touch with alumni in cyberspace;


  • Identifying and introducing our prominent graduates;


  • Introducing publications by graduates;


  • Offering and announcing job opportunities;


  • Holding reunion meetings;


  • Organizing training courses and workshops for and by our graduates;


  • Attracting and directing the spiritual and financial capacities of graduates;


  • Providing access to university facilities. 


Khatam University Alumni Office welcomes all sorts of support from our capable and willing graduates in fulfilling these goals.


If you have any ideas with regard to improving our website, please share them with us.



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