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Khatam University Regarding the First Stage of the Specialized Evaluation of Ph.D. Interviews
Khatam University Regarding the First Stage of the Specialized Evaluation of Ph.D. Interviews
Khatam University Regarding the First Stage of the Specialized Evaluation of Ph.D. Interviews

Notice Number (1) of Khatam University Regarding the First Stage of the Specialized Evaluation of Ph.D. Interviews (2023-2024)

Published: Sunday, May 28, 2023


This stage includes the examination of candidates' academic records, which is carried out by the universities accepting the students.

In line with the implementation of this stage, it informs the candidates of the following:



1-   University Criteria

Candidates who were present in the exam session and for whom the report card of the first stage (scientific assessment) has been issued by the country's education assessment organization and have already chosen a field, can go to Khatam University’s website (khatam.podmart.ir/product/15745422)until May 31st, 2023to register after paying 2,500,000 Rials (250,000 Tomans) considering the university’s criteria for accepting students. Besides, the necessary documents to be checked by the educational groups should be emailed to the following addresses according to the provided checklistuntil May 31st, 2023. In addition, it is necessary to deliver a copy of the documents to the university in person before the date of the interview.


Accounting & Auditing department:accountingdepartment@khatam.ac.ir


Department of Art & Architecture:Phd.arc@khatam.ac.ir


Department of Philosophy:Phd.phi@khatam.ac.ir


It is obvious that only candidates who meet the requirements of the university in that field and have registered for the interview through the following link can apply to the university for an interview in that field:


Click Here to Register

How to interview groups:

Interviews for all fields will be conducted in person.


2-   Interview schedule:

Fields accepted by Khatam University and interview dates:

RowMajorLevelCapacityDate of Interview
2Art & ArchitecturePhD512/06/2023
3Accounting & AuditingPhD514/06/2023








3- The required documents must be:

For the Accounting & Auditing department and the department of Art & Architecture, the documents should be delivered to building number 2 of Khatam University with the address of No. 17, East Daneshvar St., Shiraz Shomali St., Molla Sadra St. Tehran, Iran. The documents of the department of Art & Architecture should be handed to Ms. Meydani's office on the 5th floor and the Accounting & Auditing department’s documents should be sent to Mr. Sabouri on the 2nd floor.

• For the field of philosophy, it should be delivered to building number 1 of Khatam University with the address of No. 30, Hakim Azam St., Shiraz Shomali St., Molla Sadra St. Candidates should send the documents to Ms. Ebrahimi on the 2nd floor.



1-   Documents required to create one’s file:


Form No. 1 completed by the applicant 


Educational certificate (bachelor's and master's)




Authoring or translating a book related to the field of study

All articles, including scientific-research, conference and any type of articles5

Copy of the cover or the first page of the Master's thesis

Teaching experience7

A history of non-academic works followed by valid documents


Participation in specialized courses with valid certificates


Valid English Certificates


 Letter of recommendation from two professors from the applicant's MA 


Recommended draft for PhD dissertation


Photo and original document of birth certificate or national ID card


 A 4x3 photo of the applicant (with the candidate's information in the back of the photo)


Doctoral exam report card image


Candidates' CV in maximum 5 pages

MA Thesis17


*Note: Architecture candidates should clickhereto receive the required documents.


Note 1 - Those candidates who have been graduated from a discontinuous undergraduate program, in addition to the original bachelor's degree along with the confirmation code, must also submit the original associate's degree.


Note 2 - Those final year students who will graduate in master's degree or professional doctorate by 22/09/2023 at the latest, must bring and submit the original certificate related to the grade point average of the passed units approved by their university.


- Payment of 2,500,000 rials (two hundred and fifty thousand tomans) for the interview fee should be carried out through the electronic payment portal embedded in the website of Khatam University (the link address is available above). Candidates can pay the mentioned amount after entering their personal information, selecting the doctoral interview option and using the Shetab group bank card. (It should be noted that with each national ID, payment can be made only once in this system).


  - The original document of the recruiting order for the candidates who meet the requirements of the definite-official or experimental-official trainer of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


1-   General and specific conditions for candidates:

• It is mandatory to meet all the conditions announced in the booklets of the semi-centralized doctoral exam of 2023.

• Participation in the interview announced in this notice is mandatory for all applicants for final admission.


2-   The place of the face-to-face interview:

• For the field of philosophy: No. 30, Hakim Azam St., Khatam University, Shiraz Shomali St., Molla Sadra St., Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran.

• For Art & Architecture and Accounting & Auditing majors: Building No. 2 of Khatam University, No. 17, Eastern Daneshwar St., Shiraz Shomali St., Mollasadra Street.


Dear candidates will be informed about the exact time of the interview separately.



Important note: All candidates who successfully complete all stages of specialized evaluation (scientific background check and specialized evaluation) will be introduced to the evaluation organization. In case of acceptance, please note that their acceptance is conditional and the final acceptance is subject to the approval of their general qualification by the student selection secretariat.


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