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A Statistical Analysis Course (Smart PLS, Amos)

A Statistical Analysis Course (Smart PLS, Amos)

  • Date / Time: 1402/05/08 00:00:00
  • Period of time: 30
  • tuition: 2,000,000 Toman
  • Teacher: Armin Mahmoudi
  • Objectives:
    • Increasing the students' mastery of the theoretical topics of structural equation modeling;
    • Increasing the students' skill in implementing different models in Amos and SmartPLS software platform;
    • Increasing the students' mastery of mediating and moderating relationships;
    • Increasing students' mastery of hierarchical (multidimensional) models.
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The statistical analysis course is an educational course that teaches students and people interested in statistics and data analysis how to analyze data and interpret the results. In this course, various statistical concepts and techniques such as frequency distribution, hypothesis testing, model fitting methods, regression and factor analysis will be taught. The main goal of this course is to teach how to analyze and interpret data through statistical analysis. This course is taught using Amos or Smart PLS statistical software, and students experience working with real data during the course. This course is suitable for students of various fields such as management, economics, psychology, social sciences, mathematics, etc. It will also be very useful for those who want to work in the field of research and data analysis. Finally, the statistical analysis course helps students to work with real data and present the results obtained from data analysis in the form of understandable and reliable scientific reports.

Instructor's name:

Armin Mahmoudi


The method of holding the course:

In person

The start and end date of the course:


Amos statistical software: July 30th-August 13th, 2023

Smart PLS statistical software: July 31st-August 14th, 2023

Registration method

Registration is done through Khatam University's website. To get more information about the registration process, you can contact the specialized training and skill development center through the following communication methods.


Phone: 021-3-89174921

Instagram: khatamuniversity.training

Email: training@khatam.ac.ir