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Holding a Training Course on Arbitration Law in Oil and Gas Industry at Khatam University

Holding a Training Course on Arbitration Law in Oil and Gas Industry at Khatam University

  • Date / Time: 1402/05/18 00:00:00
  • Period of time: 48
  • tuition: 7,000,000 Toman
  • Teacher: Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Asadi
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“Arbitration Law in Oil and Gas Industry" is an educational course that helps students and interested parties to get familiar with the concepts and laws of arbitration related to the oil and gas industry. This course generally includes topics such as oil and gas contracts, legal rules related to arbitration, methods of conducting arbitration and how to implement arbitration awards. The main goal of this course is to familiarize with the theoretical and practical issues of oil and gas law and international commercial arbitration, provide comprehensive training on how to resolve disputes in the industry through arbitration, provide solutions to deal with disputes in this industry, and provide guidance for the creation of balance and justice. Students can register either one of the mentioned courses or both at the same time.

Course Details:

RowLessons of Oil and Gas LawHours
1Principles of oil and gas law (ownership, governance, international organizations)24
2Dominant activities in the oil industry
3Oil contracts
4Contract terms
5Project execution
6Governing contract issues in the relationship between the parties involved in the contract
7Progress and approval of various stages of contracts regarding the implementation of oil operations
9A complete outline of the effective factors in upstream contracts
10Solving project implementation challenges
11International pricing of crude oil and natural gas
12Government control and supervision of project implementation
Each lesson's tuition:                                   25,000,000 Rials



RowLessons of the Preliminary and Intermediate International Commercial ArbitrationHours
1Principles of international commercial arbitration (concept, characteristics, types of arbitration, arbitration organizations)48
2Familiarity with different methods of resolving international commercial disputes (mediation, conciliation, expertise, etc.)
3Arbitration Agreement
4Regulation of arbitration agreement
5Existing law
6The role of judicial authorities in international commercial arbitration
7Court of Arbitration
8Arbitration process
9Arbitration verdict
10Cancellation of arbitration verdict
11Implementation of the verdict
12Discussions related to investment arbitration will be discussed in the advanced course
Each lesson's tuition:                                   45,000,000 Rials


The mode of conducting the course:

In person


The start date of the course:

August 9th, 2023


The registration deadline:

August 2nd, 2023


The registration method:

Registration is done through Khatam University’s website. To get more information about the registration procedure, you can contact the Specialized Training and Skill Development Center through the following communication methods.


Ways of communication:

Phone: 021-89174921-3

Instagram: khatamuniversity.training

Email: training@khatam.ac.ir