Quantum Materials, Energies, and Technologies (QMET)

For the first time in Iran, an international master program is offered by Khatam University with the aim of establishing a technological infrastructure on the frontiers of science. This multi-disciplinary program, entitled “Quantum Materials, Energies, and Technologies (QMET)” is mainly focused on experimental and industrial aspects of the applied sciences and emergent technologies.

The European counterpart of this program is the NANOMAT master program (www.nanomat-master.eu) of the Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC). UPMC is ranked 1st university in France in the field of science and technology and 14th in the world ranking.

QMET program is offered in English language under three sub-majors, namely:

  1. Advanced Materials
  2. Emergent Energies Technology
  3. Quantum Science and Technology

The courses are presented by the Iranian scientists with international teaching and research experiences in the most prestigious institutions of the world, in collaboration with the professors and researchers of the UPMC.

   Students, Will have access to the most advanced experimental equipment provided by the Pasargad Institute of Advanced Innovative Solutions (PIAIS) and they will have the opportunity to take part and integrate in the research and industrial development community of the country after their graduation. In addition, the students presenting sufficient requirements and points shall benefit from scholarships dedicated to this program.

For more information regarding the program and the course content of each sub-major please check the corresponding link: khatam.ac.ir/qmet, or call us: +98 (21) 87974094.