Khatam Summer School: English courses

Khatam Summer School: July, 13 – August, 11, 2016/ Tir, 23 – Mordad 21, 1395

Registration Instructions:

  1. Refer to the timetable and select your courses accordingly. You can enroll in a whole package at a discounted price or simply select any possible combination of courses you wish to join. 
  2. Refer to the price list below and tally the final price you are supposed to pay based on the courses you select and your status as a Khatam student, TELLSI member, or Regular applicant.
  3. Deposit the fee into the following account at Pasargad Bank for Khatam University and scan the receipt: 340-8100-10752175-3
  1. Fill in the application form following these instructions.
  2. Send the completed application form along with the scanned copy of your bank receipt and a copy of your TELLSI membership if necessary to
  3. Your registration will be final once you receive a confirmation letter and registration code. 

Registeration Type

Each single course

One Module

(whole package)

Khatam Students

800,000  Rials

2,800,000 Rials

TELLSI Members

1,000,000  Rials

3,500,000  Rials

Regular Applicants

1,200,000  Rials

4,000,000  Rials

Note: * Each module includes four topics as listed on the next page.

* Literary Criticism is hold twice a week and counts as two courses.

* The Technology course is not included in the modules and requires separate registeration.