Dr.Ghasemi addressed the audiences in Khatam Univesity Summer School (Cyber-Physical Systems)

In The Name Of God


Distinguished Scholars, Dear Colleagues, Fellow Students, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome to Iran and to Khatam University for the third summer school under the Pasargad Institute of Advanced Innovative Solutions.

This year we have the privilege of greeting world renowned scholars from various disciplines, attending Khatam University to present lectures on most advanced issues related to border-line research in various fields.
The world around us is rapidly changing and higher education is under immense pressure to adopt itself to and prepare for this new environment. Higher education needs to undergo a rapid and dramatic transformation.Advances in technology have opened the door to amazing new possibilities for teaching and learning, both face to face and online. Internet has changed our lives dramatically. Online universities utilize digital technology to offer a flexible learning environment that gives educators the tools and freedom to develop new courses and learning modules that can transform the classroom experience of learners.

Today, innovative platforms have made a broad range of courses available to the public at a global scale. We are now able to say that teaching and learning initiatives are no longer constrained by classrooms. At the same time, internet and digital technology have been responsible for the development of many other innovative technologies transforming social paradigms of our daily lives. We are all well familiar with smart phones, smart cars, smart buildings and smart cities, no longer requiring human continued support and attention.

Cyber-Physical Systems are integrations of computation, networking, and physical processes. Embedded computers and networks monitor and control the physical processes, with feedback loops where physical processes affect computations and vice versa.

The economic and societal potential of such systems is vastly greater than what has been realized, and major investments are being made worldwide to develop the technology. Technology builds on the older discipline of embedded systems, computers and software embedded in devices whose principle mission is not computation, such as cars, toys, medical devices, and scientific instruments.

Cyber-Physical Systems integrate the dynamics of the physical processes with those of the software and networking, providing abstractions and modeling, design, and analysis techniques for the integrated whole. This means cyber-physical systems are the result of the tight integration and fusion of universal computer systems with the physical and biological world. Many visionaries believe that cyber-physical systems shall define much of the research landscape for the decade to come as they pose immense technological challenges as well as many intriguing ethical and philosophical issues for the technologies under development. The mathematician and philosopher, Alfred North Whitehead, once said that "The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order."
In my career, I have had the privilege to initiate a number of significant projects of national importance in different economic sectors. However, I always regretted why a country with a long history of culture and science, like our country Iran, should not own a true world high class university?

With the objective of creating Middle East’s leading center of academic excellence, it was in 1996 that we established Khatam University on three principles of Academic Freedom, Autonomy of Academic Units and Shared Governance.
We are not only committed to providing an environment for ground breaking innovative research, but a setting where everyone has equal right and the opportunity to access the necessary information and resources to succeed in their relevant studies.
Last year, I invited 40 Iranian scholars and professors from internationally renowned universities to a brainstorming session. I asked their advice and help on how to progress in converting Khatam University to a world-class leading University.
They formed different working groups and consulted with renowned visionaries and prominent scientists and finally came-up with a plan. I am not going to introduce to you that plan, but Pasargad Institute of Advanced Innovative Solutions. is a short-term milestone of that larger plan.
 I believe we are standing on the verge of a very exciting initiative leading to a new era of scientific development in Iran. Appropriately, I welcome all scholars, researchers and inquisitive minds who wish to participate in this wonderful but challenging undertaking.

Let us all join hands and do every effort to build the future of Iran and assure this great land of the stature and prominence it so well deserves within the international community.

Let us cross frontiers in order to help Iran evolve and meet the demands of these challenging times.

I am confident that we shall all enjoy a productive and stimulating forum on Cyber Physical Systems at Khatam University.

I thank you all for being present in this exciting gathering.

May God bless Iran.