Computer Engineering

Science and computer technology to analyze and evaluate processes and systems for receiving, storing, processing and extraction of information on all aspects of system design and efficient to do it. The software is important to the design and production software and design, analysis and implementation of algorithms and software systems suitable for itself.

Many of the calculations and processes can be performed automatically by the computer's operating environment and increased speed, accuracy and repeatability are. high and in some cases also be capable and modern technology.

Department of Computer Engineering is currently offers three master degrees in the field of software engineering, computer architecture engineering, and management information technology. The students are admitted through National entrance exam. Students in a variety of topics related to software, hardware, network, and IT management are studying and research.
Faculty members who are currently teaching in this group are:
  1.      Prof. Mohammad Eshghi
  2.      Prof. Ali Movaghar
  3.      Prof. Keivan Navi
  4.      Associate Prof. MT Manzuri
  5.      Associate Prof. Hassan Mirian
  6.      Assistant Prof. Ehsan Akhtrkavan
  7.      Assistant Prof. Babak Majidi
  8.      Assistant Prof. Mohammad Tehrani