Goals of Education and Research Deputy:

For the purpose of realization of the perspective of Khatam, the Institute of Higher Education, the following goals are to be met within the next five-year planning:

  1. Optimization and Compliance with the training standards of reputable universities.
  2. Development and enhancement of the capacity of the complementary educations, the variety of courses and fields according to the perspective of the institute.
  3.  Planning for the applied training courses and useful software required for students.
  4. Revising and improving the training system based on the permanent monitoring and evaluation.
  5. Utilizing the IT infrastructure to provide students with suitable training services.
  6. Planning and developing new and strategic complementary courses suitable for the needs and requirements of industries in the country.
  7. Absorbing and upgrading the specialized committed potent dynamic members for the faculty board for achieving the macro goals of the institute.

Graduate Level:

  • Electrical Engineering, Power
  • Electrical Engineering, Control
  • Computer Engineering, Software
  • Computer Engineering, Computer Architecture
  • Computer Engineering, Data Processing
  • English language training
  • Commercial Management, Majoring in Marketing
  • Commercial Management, Majoring in Insurance
  • Industrial Management, Operational Research
  • Finance, Majoring in Banking
  • MBA, Majoring in strategy (undergraduate)


Undergraduate Level:

  • Accounting
  • Banking Affairs Management